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Digital Printing Press And Its Version Of Bizhub Press C1070

The concept of printer was always there since ancient times. However, this concept was implied in different ways. At first people used to print by stamping or sealing on clay. Then the process of dry printing was invented which was called as electro photography and the device was known as Xerox.  It was from Xerox that the idea of first high speed printing press was originated. Printing press or printer can be defined as a device that takes written or graphic output of computer and prints it on the paper sheet. In this article, we are going to discuss about digital printing press and one of its version known as bizhub press c1070.


As we know that printer is a device which takes the written or graphic output from the computer and transfers it on a sheet of a paper which we insert in the device. This paper is usually the standard size of sheet paper. So, basically the function of a printer is to transfer your data of computer on the sheet of a paper. It depends upon the credibility of a printer that besides printing what other functions can it perform. As the latest versions of printer or multi-functional printers can copy, fax and scan at the same time. There are various types of printers but we are going to focus on two of its main types which are laser beam printer and digital printer.

Laser printer:

Laser printer is a kind of printer which is attached to the computer and produces good quality printing material by using laser technique. In this technique, laser is used to form a pattern of electro statically charged dots on light sensitive drum which attracts ink or toner. This ink is finally transferred to a paper and is fixed on it by heating process.

Digital printer:

Digital printer works on the principles of digital method in which desktop publishing and other such digital sources are printed using large formats or inkjet printers. The main difference that lies between digital printer and laser printer is that how they illuminate the drum. Bizhub press c1070 is one of the types of digital printer.

Bizhub press c1070:

Bizhhub press c1070 is the digital color printer which adds power, performance and simplicity to any production print application. It has high speed digital color printing with fast scan processing for hard copy originals. Moreover, it also has large fifteen inch color touch screen display.


Printer is a device that uses graphic and written output from a computer and transfers it on the sheet of a paper. There are digital printers as well as laser printers. Both of these printers basically differ on the basis of illuminating drum. Bizhub press c1070 is a type of a digital printer which not only scans and copy but also does the function of color printing.

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